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Tom Scott in his PPG
Olympic PPG will be at Salton Sea for all of February 2016 for an informal fly-in. We will have props on site and will also do prop repairs. We will be at Johnson's Landing RV Park in Salton Sea if you would like to join us and many others.

PPG Flying Site Information

Olympic Paragliding relocated to the Benton Arkansas area in 2010. The current flying site is the old Saline County Municipal Airport which is now closed. It's a perfect place to fly because the runway is closed and there is no general aviation traffic. Imagine this: You drive down the runway and find the best launch site for the wind conditions. Park on the grass and takeoff on the nice smooth asphalt. That is hard to beat.

Powered Paraglider Wood and Carbon Fiber Propeller Repair

At Olympic Paragliding, I offer wood and carbon fiber propeller repair for all makes of powered paragliders; some powered hang gliders, and even some ultralight aircraft and powered parachutes. CHECK OUT THE NEW HERCULES POWERED PARAGLIDER.

 On my website, you will find pictures of damaged props sent for repair.  This will give you some idea of the extent of damage that can be repaired.  I repair wood and carbon fiber propellers.  If your prop is questionable, please call or email me a photo of the damaged area.  The average price to repair wood propellers is $60 and the average for carbon fiber props is $90.00.  Shipping is an additional charge and usually costs between $10 and $19 each way depending on size, weight, and distance.CHECK OUT THE NEW HERCULES POWERED PARAGLIDER.

New Wood Propellers for Powered Paragliders

I import new wood props for most Powered Paragliders and a few powered hang gliders.  These PPG propellers are imported from several firms in the Far East.  The current price for wood propellers is $159.95 plus shipping.  I charge only actual shipping charges and do not add a handling fee.  See the �New Props� page for a current inventory list.CHECK OUT THE NEW HERCULES POWERED PARAGLIDER.



Propeller Balancer

I manufacture a simple Propeller Balancer for only $21.95.  If you don�t have a prop balancer, you need to check this one out.

Throttle Assembly

I also manufacture a throttle assembly for use on powered paragliders.  I could not find a throttle assembly available on the Internet for less than $100, and most were considerably more.  So if you need a throttle assembly for your project PPG, or for a retro-fit, check this out.  The complete throttle assembly is only $79.00 plus shipping.CHECK OUT THE NEW HERCULES POWERED PARAGLIDER.

Redrive Bearings

6004 Redrive bearings are available for $5.95 each.  This is the most commonly used bearing in redrives. 

Propeller Leading Edge Insert

As an additional service, I�m now offering a modification for beach and sand fliers.  The sand at these locations will rapidly erode a wood prop rendering it useless in a matter of a few hours.  CHECK OUT THE NEW HERCULES POWERED PARAGLIDER.

I can modify your existing propeller or make the addition to new propellers, which will extend the life of your propeller in these environments considerably.  I can also make the modification to propellers already eroded by sand.  So take that prop off the wall and put it back to work.

Twelve inches of the leading edge is partially removed and several layers of fiberglass are laid up.  When finished, the leading edge insert is hardly noticeable. The price to add the fiberglass leading edge insert is $59.95.  It is done by hand and takes considerable time, but he results are worth the expense.  I�ve had customers destroy a wood propeller in one weekend of flying.  With the insert, the same weekend of beach flying yielded a prop that still looked like new. CHECK OUT THE NEW HERCULES POWERED PARAGLIDER.
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